2022-06-04: I think it’s about time our dog gets a job or something.

2022-04-11: This is the box LG sent me to send my Ultrafine 5K in for repairs.

2022-04-09: Love a post-ride beverage in the sun. 🚴‍♂️

2022-03-24: Challenge: a better, jaw-dropping season ending than Ozark Season 3. Go…

2022-03-19: Found some mud today 🚴‍♂️

2022-03-14: Proof some are more fortunate than others.

2022-03-10: Who can identify this?

2022-03-08: People seem to love bagging on non-native apps. These are the common CPU hogs on my system. I should …

2022-02-06: Pacific Northwest mountains and a lake on today’s gravel ride.

2022-01-17: First time using the Ooni for breadsticks (in Kerry butter) today. Delish!

2022-01-16: Testing out the Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM. Odd how with the Canon 5D Mark IV this lens …

2021-11-19: Unsurprisingly there is a huge difference between the 14” MBP and 16” MBP. Such a huge performance …

2021-11-08: Surprisingly clear day in the Pacific NW.

2021-10-31: Tonight we successfully hid from trick-or-treaters. Does that make us the Scrooge of Halloween? 🎃

2021-10-20: Day 20: Sports One of my favorite sports is cross country. It has been a blast to watch my son run …

2021-10-19: Day 19: Mirror Sometimes a mirror doesn’t help. #mboct

2021-10-18: Day 18: Finished After finishing a long trip part way across the states, I finished with some good …

2021-10-17: Day 16: Compass My compass. #mboct

2021-10-16: Day 16: Rotation It takes a watchful eye to time the rotation when cooking pizza in an Ooni. #mboct

2021-10-15: Day 15: Ethereal An ethereal view from a camping trip. #mboct

2021-10-14: Day 14: Wheels Sometimes the right wheels can take you to glorious places. #mboct

2021-10-13: Day 13: Animals Sometimes animals behave like humans (and vice versa). #mboct

2021-10-13: Day 12: Legend Often trail signs have legends, this one does not but I find it very useful and …

2021-10-12: Day 11: Hygge Does this photo represent hygge? #mboct #adaylate

2021-10-10: Day 10: Bridges One of many foot bridges at Cape Disappointment State Park #mboct

2021-10-09: Day 9: Safe Every year I get a case to keep my iPhone safe and every year I barely use it. #mboct …

2021-10-08: Day 8: Twilight Our little slice of heaven at twilight. #mboct

2021-10-08: Day 7: Spice My two favorite sources for spices. Do a little research; they have an interesting …

2021-10-06: Day 6: Street This is why I love living in the Pacific Northwest…we share our streets with …

2021-10-05: Day 5: Toy I don’t know about others, but my toys have gotten more expensive as I’ve …

2021-10-05: Day 4: Sharp James Brand, a local knife maker, has some sweet knives. #mboct #adaylate

2021-10-03: Day 3: Majority Looking through photos that I’ve taken this year, the majority seem to be of …

2021-10-02: Day 2: Dark I generally roast to a Full City or Full City+ which isn’t nearly as dark as a …

2021-10-01: Day 1: Touch The most irresistible thing to touch in the whole wide world. #mboct

2021-09-30: Ooni pizza FTW! 🍕

2021-09-22: Anyone else using a custom email domain with iCloud (new feature of iCloud+)? Shocked at how easy …

2021-08-17: Whoa, Ren and Stimpy turned 30 this week

2021-08-14: Thrilled that my 12+ years of making pizza in my oven so easily translated to superior pizza from an …

2021-08-12: A year later I’m finally joining the cool kids 🍕

2021-08-12: Apparently my power hub is drunk 🚴‍♂️

2021-08-03: My co-worker is such a slacker

2021-07-23: The awesome folks @making_light do an amazing job, but they hit a grand slam with this month’s …

2021-07-21: I’m not typically a showboat but my wife captured this photo a few years ago and it popped up in my …

2021-07-15: The Swatch Watch way ⌚️ /cc @jack @Pilchuck @Ron @mbkriegh

2021-07-14: While delicious, I’m surprised United thought this was a wise choice to provide to their lounge …

2021-06-30: Ordered my next road bike. Woohoo! Won’t come until next May. Doh!

2021-06-04: Be the dog. Be the dog. Be the dog.

2021-05-29: Whether selling or giving away old tech, I like the receiver to feel like they are opening up a new …

2021-05-28: I used Hey as my email client for over a year, but sadly after switching back to Spark as my email …

2021-05-02: So green right now 📷

2021-03-30: Been using Obsidian casually for a year, but spent last night falling into the Linking Your Thoughts …

2021-03-22: Test post (with a photo) using Ulysses.

2021-02-22: In typical fashion @siracusa nails it.

2021-01-26: This pretty much sums up why people are shocked that I’m actually 50 years old… …

2021-01-19: Dogs really are love magnets 🐶

2020-12-16: I love fracture prints. I have many hanging up in our house. Until this sunset shot though they were …

2020-12-05: From today’s ride 🚴‍♂️

2020-12-01: Lego Star Wars Advent 2020 - Day 1

2020-11-19: Awesome that my wife shares my love of Field Notes and bought me their F’n shirt.

2020-11-04: Another perspective of Hagg Lake in a drastically receding state

2020-11-04: Mesmerized by what is normally under water at Hagg Lake

2020-10-24: Fall

2020-10-16: Fun on the beach

2020-10-15: Not as thin as my normal pizza, but far easier to make…the skillet pizza.

2020-10-13: Feel very fortunate to have awesome places to bike and hike nearby during these times. Pacific …


2020-10-03: I don’t know if it is because of the world we currently live in or if it is just that good but we …

2020-10-01: Tot Thursday!

2020-09-28: A shot of life

2020-09-19: It’s the weekend…time for homemade bagels!

2020-09-15: Surely I’m not the only one getting near their iCloud 2TB limit who is saddened by the lack of …

2020-09-14: Rookie mistake

2020-09-08: Best order confirmation ever

2020-07-29: speaking of shipping fails…

2020-07-29: Who can spot the packaging flaw?

2020-07-23: Someone got into our raspberries

2020-07-14: Who else has a HomePod with Alzheimer’s? I have two that remember me half the time. And if I …

2020-07-04: Kombucha mint + blueberries (both from garden) ginger + lemon + cayenne + turmeric

2020-07-01: Oregon Coast 📷

2020-06-28: Put up a weather station yesterday. #weatherflow

2020-06-13: Whiskeys, Whiskies, Ryes and Bourbons. What are your faves? 🥃

2020-06-10: And since the iOS share sheet didn’t work for Micro.blog…this pic is for my “Wow.”

2020-06-10: Wow.

2020-06-09: I don’t have a schmancy ooni pizza oven like so many others have these days, but I make do just …

2020-06-02: Coffee is good, so let’s do one more Coffeepot photo

2020-06-01: Coffeepot Crater

2020-05-31: Owyhee River

2020-05-30: Storm-a-brewing

2020-05-29: Leslie Gulch

2020-05-01: Is it possible to like a movie but still think it deserves a 1 out of 5 stars?

2020-04-30: For those that have switched from Spotify to Apple Music do you really like Music better? After 6 …

2020-04-24: Squirrel theft is my fave

2020-04-23: Hmmm. Just realized that the Kindle Paperwhite (2018) is thicker than the 2018 iPad Pro (12.9”).

2020-04-18: Colors at sunset were gorgeous tonight

2020-04-16: Finally WHO figures out what many of us have been saying for weeks…“social …

2020-03-31: Whoa, Dark Sky has joined Apple.

2020-03-29: Thrilled to be able to get rides in during these times. 🚲

2020-03-27: Interviewing Coronavirus #jpsears

2020-03-22: O sure hope someone at Apple while quarantined is working on the horrendous iOS spellchecker. I …

2020-03-17: I’m a LONG time Spotify user, but switched to Apple Music last October. Music is inferior to …

2020-03-16: At least in some respects the world is still normal

2020-03-14: Oregon Coast Sunset

2020-03-11: Going through some old photos…iPhone 5 in 2011 wasn’t awful

2020-03-08: After being sick for two weeks it was awesome to get out for two gravel rides this weekend. Time for …

2020-02-27: METALACHI tickets procured: www.ticketweb.com/event/met… #ftw

2020-02-13: So I haven’t fallen in love with Roam like many others, but those that have: how do you use it and …

2020-02-12: Attachment 📷

2020-02-12: Plain 📷

2020-02-11: Sign 📷

2020-02-10: Lull 📷

2020-02-08: Contrast 📷

2020-02-07: Above 📷

2020-02-07: Plant 📷

2020-02-06: Spot on. An API is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

2020-02-05: Hide 📷

2020-02-04: Spot 📷

2020-02-04: Reflect 📷

2020-02-02: Sight 📷

2020-02-01: Open 📷

2020-02-01: Is there anything more challenging than putting socks on wet feet!?

2020-01-27: Interesting. 📷 Quick Tip: How to Calibrate Your Lenses Without Buying a Special Tool

2020-01-19: Cleaning out my garage…probably can ditch this from our Arizona days 🚲🌵

2020-01-12: Yeti sponsored coffee roast. Well, maybe not.

2020-01-12: Called Apple Support for the 3rd time ever. HomePod wouldn’t recognize my voice. Instructions …

2020-01-11: I got this for myself as a Christmas gift in 2018. This is the year I finally put it together.

2020-01-04: I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone talking about Casper’s Glow Lights…they are amazing! …

2020-01-03: Well, collecting indoor trainers now too

2020-01-01: Nature welcoming the new year

2019-12-24: Merry Christmas Eve!

2019-12-15: Day 15

2019-12-14: Day 14

2019-12-04: Who knew you could grow stuff from a wet paper towel?

2019-12-01: Bash to zsh Now that Catalina defaults to zsh instead of bash, I’d like to make the switch as well. …

2019-11-22: Ok, I’ll be the first (and last) person to say it…I preferred the less mushy keys of the …

2019-11-18: Love @RogueAmoeba’s confirmation message

2019-11-13: Tis the season I guess

2019-11-05: Obligatory dog photo

2019-11-01: I’m no audiophile, but the fact that I can drown out multiple vacuum robots (Roombas) running …

2019-10-31: Digging them so far

2019-10-29: Red

2019-10-28: Have others noticed a massive reduction in finger grease on their iPhone 11 Pro compared to every …

2019-09-29: Let the winter gravel rides begin

2019-09-29: Vimeo Disappoints I am so disappointed with Vimeo right now. I have spent two weeks with their support crew attempting …

2019-09-26: I’m not convinced, but will have to dig in to be sure

2019-09-21: Learn React in 10 tweets Impressively thorough yet succinct

2019-09-21: How to use the amazing new text tools in iPadOS | Cult of Mac Definitely need to remember these.

2019-09-19: Can’t believe the internet folks aren’t abuzz about this

2019-09-16: Fall is coming

2019-09-08: Maybe my favorite thing about summer…fresh, homemade salsa!

2019-09-02: Not just for pizza. Fantastic with eggs too!

2019-09-01: Moonset

2019-08-31: Bainbridge Island

2019-08-21: My toy store

2019-08-14: Timothy Lake

2019-08-05: Maybe my favorite bike “accessory”: the Theragun.

2019-08-04: Hagg Lake

2019-07-30: Aptly named

2019-07-29: My favorite part of Mondays

2019-07-24: My son cracks me up

2019-07-23: These summer squash look so fake

2019-07-14: Nothing tastes better than a hazy IPA after a hot, long bike ride #growlergarage

2019-06-19: Small Midwest town

2019-06-17: A silver certificate bill. It may look fake, but is real. “Its history dates back to the 1860s, and …

2019-06-14: More Pacific Northwest Coast footage for anyone that cares.

2019-06-12: I really like the Brydge keyboard for the big iPad Pro, but now I’m finding myself constantly …

2019-06-11: Should one continue to pay for Vimeo or just give in to the YouTube beast? Give me some reasons …

2019-06-08: Always enjoy hanging out at the coast

2019-06-06: First photo (JPEG, no edits) from my new drone. Just about as much resolution as my DSLR.

2019-06-02: Really digging the Brydge keyboard for the iPad Pro. I’m sure those that dislike the butterfly …

2019-06-01: Nice to be out on a bike again 🚲

2019-05-30: I am waaaaaaay behind in my cycling efforts this year. 🚲

2019-05-21: Boat ride on Douglas Lake

2019-05-18: Douglas Lake (Reservoir)

2019-04-19: I do as I am told #growlergarage #forestgrove

2019-04-16: Flew over this…sadly still baconless

2019-04-04: (null) I don’t think Lightroom CC > Share > Micro.blog works. Bummer.

2019-03-22: Received the pre-ordered AirMagic yesterday and upon initial testing it seems like it is going to be …

2019-03-18: If these count as eating my vegetables, I’m set.

2019-03-10: Views like this make five hour gravel rides almost enjoyable. 🚲

2019-03-09: I just upped my coffee roasting game

2019-03-07: I am beside myself right now

2019-03-06: Maybe just gave my entire neighborhood Internet access

2019-03-03: I don’t know what other people did at 10pm on a Sunday night, but I made homemade English muffins.

2019-03-01: Time to…

2019-02-28: Some of Roomba’s alerts make me laugh

2019-02-28: I’ve been using CSS Grid on the last several projects, but now I’ll do it better: Using …

2019-02-25: Unfortunately this is all that is left.

2019-02-23: Anyone know of a way to get a photo from Adobe Lightroom CC (iOS) into the micro.blog iOS app? The …

2019-02-23: Day One I have been using Day One, a journaling app, for years. I’m not an avid user. I’m lucky to average …

2019-02-22: Didn’t want to roast when I got home from Santa Fe so bought some bean from a local favorite. Not …

2019-02-16: Wonderful place to stop for the night before heading to Santa Fe. Their restaurant, Campo, is …

2019-02-16: Because Portland didn’t get enough snow last weekend.

2019-02-14: Had some fun in the snow last weekend.

2019-02-10: Finally played with Adobe Rush. Certainly simpler than Premiere (and even Final Cut Pro), but not …

2019-02-09: Fun in the snow

2019-02-06: This kombucha gets a solid 👍 from me.

2019-02-05: I wish I had half the sketching skills my dad possesses. This sketch of our house is one of several …

2019-02-02: Apparently this is where recycled cardboard goes.

2019-01-25: I typically am not a fan of the targeted ads I get from social sites I begrudgingly participate in. …

2019-01-20: Best thing about a hike is what inevitably comes after

2019-01-14: A benefit of early morning travel.

2019-01-12: If you don’t find the Everything is Alive podcast funny, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.

2019-01-01: Not an amazing year comparatively, but given 5 months in the middle due to travel, air quality, …

2018-12-30: First concert I’ve been to in recent history where the performers actually encourage the audience to …

2018-12-27: I guess it has been a really long time since I created a repo on github.com because I was stumped …

2018-12-23: Love this time of year in the Northwest

2018-12-21: If the Latest Facebook Revelations Won’t Get You to Delete It, What Will? Facebook’s …

2018-12-19: I have always loved the AT-ATs…even the miniature ones.

2018-11-21: Been successfully using this workflow for all my photo work since the release of the new iPad Pro …

2018-11-20: Cascade Head Trail. One of our faves on the coast.

2018-11-19: At the coast for the week, but guessing we could stay for months

2018-11-13: Disappointed that it is getting harder and harder to find written tutorials and tips…seems …

2018-11-07: It might not look like it, but there is a big difference in size between the new and older versions …

2018-10-31: I think our house would be a hit (for egg throwers) if we handed these out for Halloween.

2018-10-31: Who remembers the JPG magazine?

2018-10-28: My son just made me so proud…upon finishing an episode of The Simpsons he said, “oh man, …

2005-09-04: Costa Rica I just returned from a six day trip to Costa Rica. Unfortunately it was for work so I did not have …